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Company History:


AccuRec, LLC opened in 1999 and is registered with the State of Georgia Secretary?s Office.  Our direct partnerships with licensed manufacturers of optical media have enabled AccuRec LLC to achieve the primary goal of distributing optical discs in US to meet the product demand from duplication markets.  The company name is an abbreviation of ?ACCUrate RECording?, representing the overall mission statement to provide and distribute high quality recording media to accurately record voice, video and data. Through years of servicing customers and working directly with manufacturing R & D, AccuRec has earned a reputation as an established and respected leader in the duplication/optical media market by providing consistent quality discs with competitive pricing. 


AccuRec helped launch the world wide distribution of licensed optical storage products manufactured by Prodisc Technology. These products quickly became the standard and preferred solution in professional duplication.  In 2007, the company entered into agreement with Imation Corp to distribute Spin-XTM (a registered trademark of Imation) brand CD-R and DVD-R recording media.   AccuRec continues to work directly with Imation Corp in disc specifications for Imation manufacturing.  In 2010, the Spin-X media product line added the use of the TDK media manufacturing code which provides users of Spin-X products unparalleled reliability, near bit-perfect accuracy, superior writing performance, and long-term stability during recording.


Our staff?s combined 50+ years experience in the optical media/duplication/replication/and equipment industry enables AccuRec LLC to understand the importance of providing solutions specific to our customers? needs.  We strive to exceed our customers? expectations by understanding the importance of customer service and the value of establishing strong and tenured relationships.


 Offering Industry Solutions:


 AccuRec has listened to the needs of our customers and worked to provide proprietary options, despite constant changing demands and equipment within the industry. Some of the products we carry are unique and cannot be easily found in the market place.  In 2002 AccuRec LLC introduced the ?clear-coated ?disc surface in response to increases in disc-printing speeds and the proliferation of robotic printing techniques.  The new clear coat surface provides excellent handling protection while reducing jamming and double pick errors.  The surface is also the base for superb crisp thermal print. Because of its popularity, the clear coat is also now available on DVD discs. 


AccuRec introduced the advanced development of the Silver/Diamond modified recording dye into the CDR market.

The modifications allow for the absorption of laser lines during the copying process, producing a replicated or true silver/silver finished product.


For years we have focused on the need for impeccable disc printing surfaces in order to offer good industry printing solutions.  Multiple surfaces are available to accommodate silkscreen, offset, inkjet and thermal demands. Whether employing a one-line text print or, an edge-to-edge five color process for photo quality result; we can provide a solution.  LightScribe CDR/DVD and Colored Thermal CDR in blue, green, red, orange, and yellow are also available along with WaterShield, Blu-ray and Dual Layer products.


Market Coverage:

With the continued support of and relationships with its customers, AccuRec LLC provides optical media products throughout the US and internationally.  We provide optical media products to customers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and Singapore.



Our partners include Imation Corp, many Philip?s and ISO certified industry known optical media disc manufacturers,  replication facilities, as well as drive, printer, and media duplication equipment manufacturers.


Awards:  AccuRec LLC has been recognized by Inc. Magazine for 3 years in a row (2007-2009) as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in US.